Friday, 27 February 2009

Take Back Our MMUNION

Put the "Student" back into the "Student Union", demo Wednesday 4th March at 12:30 outside mmunion.

Lets take back our Union.

1. ‘Our’ Students’ Union dissolved non-sabbatical positions without consulting us including Women’s officer, Halls and Accommodations officer, Anti-Racism officer etc.
2. ‘Our’ Students ‘Union completely changed the constitution without consulting the Student body.
3. ‘Our’ Students’ Union have stopped all Extraordinary General Meetings.
4. ‘Our’ Students’ Union has now made it virtually impossible to submit any kind of motions, and any motion submitted will be done without the possibility of amendments.
5. ‘Our’ Students’ Union dissolved the Student Council.

Lets put student back into the Student Union and claim it back!
DEMO outside the Student Union on 4TH MARCH at 12:30.

This demonstration will be followed by a march in solidarity with the University of Manchester Occupation at 2pm.

Viva MMU

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