Thursday, 22 January 2009

MMU Students begin Occupation in solidarity with Gaza!

MMU Students are currently in occupation of the Geoffrey Manton building. We are occupying the building in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to stand up to imperialism in the Middle East. We have issued the following set of demands to the Vice-Chancellor because we believe in delivering concrete solidarity for the people of Palestine.

Demands of MMU students in occupation in solidarity with Gaza.

1) Issue a public statement condemning Israel's attack on Palestinian educational institutions, including the bombing of the Islamic University of Gaza, and encourage your colleagues in the other Universities to issue a similar call.

2) Establish an emergency fund for Palestinians students from Gaza and waive their tuition fees to support their efforts to acquire an education.

3) Waive all application & tuition fees from students coming from Palestine and create scholarships specifically available for Palestinian students.

4) To build links with Palestinian universities.

5) Divest MMU funds from all firms contributing to the Israeli war effort.

6) To create a proper memorial to Tom Hurndall, a MMU student murdered by the Israeli Occupation forces in Gaza.

7) To sever all academic links with Israeli institutions that don’t oppose the continued occupation of Palestine.

8) That the Students’ Union should allow political posters to be displayed on its windows/noticeboards/walls.

9) That no military recruiters should be allowed on campus.

10) That the University should boycott Coca-Cola and stop the sale of it in all its outlets.

11) That there should be no repercussions for anyone involved in the occupation of MMU buildings.

If agree with solidarity with Gaza and that is the duty of people in Britain and our academic institutions to speak out against invasions, massacres and genocide then join us in our liberated space in Geoffrey Manton.

As agreed on 22/01/2009.


  1. Congratulation to all students currently in occupation for Gaza.

    You stand on the right side of history - along with those students who marched with King to break segregation in the southern states of the USA, and those who took action to support the struggle against apartheid South Africa.

    Greater Manchester Stop the War sends solidarity greetings to you all,

    We have sent out news of your occupation on our email list and posted as lead on our website

    in peace

    Mark Krantz
    on behalf of GM STWC

  2. Letter to the VC from Stop the War

    Dear Professor John Brooks,
    Vice Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University

    I write with concern over the terrible situation in Gaza.

    With our local MP Sir Gerald Kauffman joining the Red Cross, the UN, Amnesty International and other human rights organisations that believe there is evidence that Israel has committed 'war crimes', it is not surprising that students at MMU have occupied part of the University in support of the people of Gaza. There are similar occupations at other universities across Britain.

    Across the world, across the City of Manchester, there is growing concern over what has been done in Gaza, and concern that the situation could deteriorate even further if the blockade is not lifted to let in humanitarian aid.

    Students have a noble history of taking action in solidarity with suffering and oppressed people, from those who marched with Martin Luther King to desegregate the South of the USA, the struggle against aperteid South Africa, and over the Vietnam war.

    Students' actions today over Gaza have drawn widespread admiration.

    I write on behalf of the Stop the War Coalition in Greater Manchester (and as a past student) to ask that you meet with the these students and consider seriously their proposals of how our our University can help people, especially students in Gaza.

    The MMU student Tom Hurnball is known internationally as a young person who paid with his life trying to defend the homes of Palestinians facing Israeli bulldozers. These bulldozers have now destroyed much of Gaza.

    As Vice Chancellor of a university with a sterling reputation in this City, and indeed across the world, I do hope you are able to give due consideration to the students list of demand for helping the people of Gaza.

    Yours truly

    Mark Krantz
    Convener Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition
    07765 122 829