Friday, 23 January 2009

Morning Food Aid

The food blockade by MMU security was brought to an end by staff that are supporting the occupation. Biscuits, Fruit, Coffee and tea has been delivered.

MMU Management has put checkpoints in the building and possibly in others, they are checking student I.D. cards and trying to keep out any supporters. The security guards are organised by GMB who we are calling upon to support us and advise their members not to allow a second night without food and water.

MMU Students, email your vice-chancellor at and put pressure on him by emailing him a copy of our demands which can be found below:

1) Issue a public statement condemning Israel's attack on Palestinian educational institutions, including the bombing of the Islamic University of Gaza, and encourage your colleagues in the other Universities to issue a similar call.

2) Establish an emergency fund for Palestinians students from Gaza and waive their tuition fees to support their efforts to acquire an education.

3) Waive all application & tuition fees from students coming from Palestine and create scholarships specifically available for Palestinian students.

4) To build links with Palestinian universities.

5) Divest MMU funds from all firms contributing to the Israeli war effort.

6) To create a proper memorial to Tom Hurndall, a MMU student murdered by the Israeli Occupation forces in Gaza.

7) To sever all academic links with Israeli institutions that don’t oppose the continued occupation of Palestine.

8) That the Students’ Union should allow political posters to be displayed on its windows/noticeboards/walls.

9) That no military recruiters should be allowed on campus.

10) That the University should boycott Coca-Cola and stop the sale of it in all its outlets.

11) That there should be no repercussions for anyone involved in the occupation of MMU buildings.


  1. Biscuits and tea are at the centre of any good occupation. We're glad that your supply has been replenished by supportive academics and staff. Shame on Manchester Met management! Solidarity from Sussex.

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