Friday, 23 January 2009

Management Restricting Access to Geoffrey Manton Building

The Management's policy of refusing to allow staff and students into the building without identification cards has lead to massive distruption to the student's schedule and great inconvenience. This is against the wishes of students in the, 'Free Gaza Lecture Theatre'. We demand that the management end this practice and ask that all students that agree with this stance join us.


  1. Keep going! This campaign is only getting bigger by the day, and the longer you hold on, the more likely your demands will be met.

    Solidarity from Tottenham SWP

  2. I would also advise you to write an article and submit it to:

    Get the message out.

  3. Solidarity from Greece
    If we can help in any other way than spreading the word, let us know
    Keep the fire of the Uprising Lit!!
    Our thoughts, wishes and solidarity with you!!

  4. Leeds one has a blog too that you could link to

  5. Over 100 hundred Cambridge students have occupied the law faculty:

    We send you our solidarity.

  6. Keep up the good work!

    Email news to for posting on

  7. I'm thrilled that you guys are doing this. Keep it up and let us know how we can help other than spreading the word.

  8. What a bunch of ass hats. Glad you are all well and have food now. keep up the fight and never give up i wish i could be their stood strong with you all in the fight for justice.

    Here is some entertainment for you curtsy of Mark Regev Israeli spokesman getting verbally raped every time he makes an interview on British tv.

    best one john snow might as well have kicked him in the mouth in this one he whoops him that bad

  9. I would like to congratulate you on your great achievement and offer the full support and services of FOSIS Campaigns. Keep up the good work!