Friday, 23 January 2009

Programme for day 2... and a little update.

Programme for Friday the 23rd of January -

11:45am Geoff Brown - Secretary of Manchester Trades Council fresh from Beirtut Conference... Joining platform with Dr Aziz - Vocal Muslim Association of Britian member.

4:10pm Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land (Film Showing)

As well as the possibility of an eyewitness account from one of our own students who has recently been in Gaza with the International Solidarity Movement.

We've spent the evening discussing the plan for tomorrow, and have sent an e-mail to the VC, as well as contacting the press about our occupation.

The University management have relocated the lectures scheduled to take place tomorrow in Lecture Theatre 7. We'd like to say that this was not our decision, and it is not our intention to disrupt anyone's right to education.

We're very grateful to everyone who has tried to get food to us, as well as the many, many messages of support we have received. Big thanks should also go to Unison who have tried so hard to negotiate with the staff here at MMU on our behalf.

Settling down for the night now.


  1. Well done for staying strong!

  2. keep it up, good luck. we are all with you :)