Friday, 20 March 2009

Occupy Or Die

Hi there, here follows a short documentary of the events of Jan 22nd 2009.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Take Back Our MMUNION

Put the "Student" back into the "Student Union", demo Wednesday 4th March at 12:30 outside mmunion.

Lets take back our Union.

1. ‘Our’ Students’ Union dissolved non-sabbatical positions without consulting us including Women’s officer, Halls and Accommodations officer, Anti-Racism officer etc.
2. ‘Our’ Students ‘Union completely changed the constitution without consulting the Student body.
3. ‘Our’ Students’ Union have stopped all Extraordinary General Meetings.
4. ‘Our’ Students’ Union has now made it virtually impossible to submit any kind of motions, and any motion submitted will be done without the possibility of amendments.
5. ‘Our’ Students’ Union dissolved the Student Council.

Lets put student back into the Student Union and claim it back!
DEMO outside the Student Union on 4TH MARCH at 12:30.

This demonstration will be followed by a march in solidarity with the University of Manchester Occupation at 2pm.

Viva MMU

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Message of Support From The President of IUG

Dear fellow Manchester Metropolitan Student Occupation ,

We would like to express our sincere thanks and deep appreciation for all your conscious efforts, endeavours and demands to support the right to education, justice and freedom in Palestine.

We wholeheartedly support your peaceful protests against the blanket bombing of Gaza in general and the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) in particular which suffered extensive destruction and damage to all its buildings, academic facilities. Additionally more than 20,000 students, whose families have been agonizing from the suffocating siege of Gaza, have lost some members of their families and many others have lost their houses.

With great respect and admiration, we have been following all activities taking place in 19 British universities. Your brave campaign has strengthened both our hope and will that we are not alone in this just battle against unprecedented blatant injustices and flagrant violation of human in Palestine.

We are absolutely proud of you all and proud of your solidarity and support campaign for the right to education in Palestine which gives us bright light in the heart of the military occupation darkness.

We wish you full success in your supportive campaign and in achieving all your sensible demands which show a high level of awareness and commitment to defend basic human rights in Gaza at a time of obvious media bias and hypocrisy of many governments.

We hope to cooperate with you soon to establish mutual academic cooperation between our academic institutions. In this regard, we confirm our high interest and strong willingness to provide you with any information, facts, plans, courses, etc related to your practical demands.

In solidarity with Manchester Metropolitan students in Occupation

Dr Kamalain Sha'ath
President, The Islamic University of Gaza
Tel: 970 8 282 3310
Fax: 970 8 286 3552

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Message of Support From The West Bank

Dear students of Manchester Metropolitan University,

We would like to extend our appreciation for the recent show of solidarity for our Palestinian brethren in Gaza, made evident by
your ‘occupation of Geoffrey Manton Building’.

Having already established links with the students of MMU it comes as no surprise to us at An Najah your understanding of the
ongoing ordeal.

Adding to this we would also like to set up further contact with your student body, perhaps encouraging a student forum via a
video conference for example in the not too distant future.

Once again thank you for all your efforts.


Students of An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Manchester University In Occupation


Manchester University has been in continuous occupation since Wednesday afternoon. Students first occupied the main administration corridor on Wednesday then spread the occupation to include the university postal room on Thursday night. This Friday around 100 students moved the occupation to a lecture theatre in the Simon building.

The large and determined student movement for Palestine erupted because of outrage at the recent brutal slaughter unleashed on Gaza by Israel. This first took form in the protest movement that swept the country with demonstrations for Palestine on an unprecedented scale. Students at the University of Manchester threw themselves into this movement both mobilising for demonstrations around the country and playing a central part in organising solidarity with Gaza throughout Manchester.

Manchester students called an Emergency General Meeting of their Student Union to take place on February 4th. Students submitted a motion that called for the development of links between students in Manchester and Palestine; a condemnation of Israel’s recent attacks and the facilitation of fundraising to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis Israel has caused in Gaza.

This democratic meeting was sabotaged and ultimately destroyed by pro-Israeli Zionist students who were desperate to shield Israel from criticism and couldn’t stomach the thought of their university helping to stop the suffering in Palestine. These students employed both bureaucratic and thuggish tactics to stop the meeting from taking place. There are countless reports from students who wanted to get in but were physically prevented and the chair of the meeting refused to hear students’ complaints at the blockade and dissolved the meeting.

Around 300 pro-Palestinian students then held a demonstration that went to the main administrative corridor at the university. Deprived of the means of using the normal channels of speaking to management they decided to occupy the corridor (which holds the Vice Chancellor, Alan Gilbert’s office) until the university management dealt with their demands. The demands placed on the university were similar to those to be placed at the aborted General Meeting and can be found online at

The occupation of the corridor continued from Wednesday to Friday afternoon, spreading to the university’s postal room on Thursday. During this time the university management has repeatedly tried to intimidate students and denied them the freedom to move in and out of the occupied space. The occupation today of a lecture theatre in the Simon Building (an engineering building) by around 100 students shows that all of the university’s attempts at threatening and dividing us are a dead end strategy. The Vice Chancellor hasn’t once even discussed with us our demands so far.

We intend to keep up the occupation for as long as is necessary. The whole of the university is going to be under threat of occupation until our demands are met. We will change targets for the exact rooms we occupy at any time we see fit. Our organisation and level of support is such that we can and will do this. We will not open into negotiations with the university about our demands until people supporting us are allowed free access in and out of the Simon Building without harassment or intimidation from either police or security guards.

The support for our occupation both inside and outside Manchester has been astounding. We are calling a demonstration outside our building for 2pm tomorrow in support of the people of Palestine and the student occupation in Manchester. We invite all pro-Palestinians to come along and to publicise it.

Time 2pm
Location: Outside the Simon Building, Oxford Road, Manchester. Look for the Palestinian flags

Monday, 26 January 2009

BBC Scotland HQ occupied by Scottish Stop the War supporters

Reprinted from Stop the War Coalition.
Over 100 people participated in an occupation of the BBC Scotland headquarters today, demanding that the broadcaster show the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza. Occupiers entered the building at 5pm, and despite the police threatening mass arrests to remove everyone within 15 minutes, the occupation remained for almost 4 hours.
The occupation was successful in applying additional pressure on the BBC through extensive national and international media coverage, including CNN, CBS and Al-Jazeera.

Tony Benn phoned the occupation to offer his support, saying "The decision to occupy the BBC in Glasgow must be understood as a plea for the people of Gaza, who are suffering so much and who need our help to help get the money through"
A delegation from the occupation was elected to meet with Ian Small, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs and member of the BBC's Executive Board, who was called in specially to meet with the occupiers. The occupation had three main demands:

That the BBC reverse its decision and show the DEC Appeal for Gaza.
That the BBC director responsible for the decision not to air the appeal should be asked to resign.
That the BBC show coverage of the outrage of the British people against the stopping of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The BBC agreed that it will arrange a meeting with the delegation with Ken McQuarrie, the Controller of the BBC Scotland, and Atholl Duncan, the head of news for BBC Scotland on Wednesday the 28th of January.
Glasgow Stop the War Coalition is asking its supporters and those who support humanitarian aid to Gaza to gather outside the BBC on Wednesday at 4.30pm.
Protesters also promised to return unless the DEC appeal is aired. Glasgow Stop the War also called for others to take similar actions around the UK.
All the occupiers decided to leave the building together, and no arrests were made.
"The life of every man, woman and child in Gaza is just as valuable as the lives of people anywhere else in the world. The people of Britain want to help the people of Gaza, and the BBC should give them the information to do so. Every day that the BBC waits to show this appeal, more people in Gaza will die," said Penny Howard, of the Stop the War Coalition.

Student Occupations spread around the country

The Israeli massacre in Gaza has led to a wave of student protests and occupations around the country. Below are some of the Universities that have staged occupations:

Soas (day 2 victory)
London School of Economics (day 7 victory)
Essex (day 2 victory)
Birmingham (day 1 police eviction)
Oxford (day 1 victory)
Manchester Met (day 2 partial victory)
King's (day 6)
Sussex (day 6)
Warwick (day 5)
Newcastle (day 4)
Leeds (day 4)
Kingston (day 3)
Bristol (day 3)
Cambridge (day 3)

LSEoccupation and KCLoccupation are the two best websites for news on the current wave of protests.